Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Teng Fei Long, Wei Li Jiao, Wang Wei

Abstract: The characteristics of straight-lines and points were discussed first, and a geometric correction method based on straight-line features was...

Authors: Xiao Lu Song, Bo Cheng, Teng Fei Long

Abstract: Change detection is a process of extracting, analyzing, and defining change information from remote sensing imageries. At present, remote...

Authors: Yi Liu

Abstract: Based on the analysis and study of the data storage strategy in wireless sensor networks, this paper presents a distributed data storage...

Authors: Ning Bo Cui, Xing Ye Yu

Abstract: This work is a periodical achievement of the Post-doctors’ Funds of the mobile post doctoral center in Crop science, Northeast Agricultural...

Authors: Feng Yang, Xiao Deng, Zhi Hua Gao, Yang Liu

Abstract: The reasonable design of ordinary gear train system can enhance the transmission efficiency for mechanical device. Therefore, it is...

Authors: Feng Yang, Zhi Hua Gao, Di Wang, Yang Liu

Abstract: The bulk metallic glass has received much attention from scientist and engineer. In this paper, we fabricated metallic glass of Nd-based and...

Authors: Zai Ping Chen, Xing Jun Li

Abstract: In the industry of petrochemical, tubular furnace is a kind of energy-consumption device, therefore it appears especially significant for...

Authors: Zai Ping Chen, Yan Lei Guo

Abstract: The data transmission on CAN bus is decided by priority, That is the data with high priority can always be transmited by inturrupt the data...

Authors: Jun Mei Xi, Gao Hua Liao

Abstract: At present,the open arehitecture controller and the field bus for motion control is a hotspot at home and abroad in the field of numerieal...

Authors: Lei Yue Yao, Jian Ying Xiong

Abstract: Analyze RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) paradigm with customer, and use two-step clustering to segment the customers. It is divided...


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