Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Shu Qiao, Yuan Hang Li, Teng Zhang

Abstract: The key to the cultivation of elites in the new era lies in the training of the innovation ability of the college students. Based on...

Authors: Hai Shu Qiao, Qin Feng

Abstract: In the last ten years, Chinese colleges have undertaken heavy debts. The formation of college-bank loans is the outcome of dynamic game...

Authors: Cui Xiang Wang

Abstract: Based on the author’teaching practice, this paper introduced some learning and experience from teaching in Probability Theory and...

Authors: Rui Xue Duan, Xiao Jie Wang, Wen Feng Li

Abstract: As the volume of online short text documents grow tremendously on the Internet, it is much more urgent to solve the task of organizing the...

Authors: Xu Hang, Ming Qiu Zhou

Abstract: This article analyses the education concept, teaching mode, education management mechanism and education quality evaluation system that aim...

Authors: Hong Yu, Li Zhang

Abstract: Based on the facts that the games were engaging and the learning was boring, the questionnaire was used to explore the inherent reason of...

Authors: Yao Jiang Huang, Yi Jun Zhou, Jin Chao Feng, Da Yuan Xue, Yong Zhu

Abstract: Undergraduate laboratory course is the disconnection between a series of 3-hour miniaturized experiments at Minzu University. Here, we...

Authors: Xiao Tie Liu

Abstract: Since 1990s, enterprise management has gradually become from experience management and scientific management to cultural management, the...

Authors: Tie Qun Li

Abstract: Along with the progressive development of the economic and political system reform, performance auditing has gradually been the central...

Authors: Tie Qun Li

Abstract: From the view of the current reality, many internal audit issues of the private colleges are very prominent, which affects the development...


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