Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Wang, Song Gao, Yong Yang

Abstract: The networked control system typically introduces network delay that have not been considered at the design stage. As a consequence, the...

Authors: Shu Rong Zou, Peng Xin Ding, Hong Wei Zhang

Abstract: Hybrid multi-objective particle swarm algorithm is applied to vehicle routing problem and achieved good results, this paper based on the...

Authors: Kun Ling Wang

Abstract: The μC / OS-II is a complete, portable, curing and cutting of preemptive real-time multitasking kernel. The strong task management...

Authors: Kun Ling Wang

Abstract: The Information system need to handle a large number of Excel reports, while Excel is not easy to deal with large amounts of data and...

Authors: Yong Zhou, Yan Xing

Abstract: Affinity Propagation(AP)is a new clustering algorithm, which is based on the similarity matrix between pairs of data points and messages are...

Authors: Yu Bin Guo, Min Zhang

Abstract: Processes are well defined sequences of computational steps executed in a coordinated manner that make application logic of an information...

Authors: Cheng Chien Kuo, Hung Cheng Chen, Teng Fa Taso, Chin Ming Chiang

Abstract: s paper presents a hybrid algorithm, the “particle swarm optimization with simulated annealing behavior (SA-PSO)” algorithm, which combines...

Authors: Li Hsing Ho, Meng Huang Lu, Hui Yi Ho, Tien Fu Peng

Abstract: Internet users will usually use search engine to find the relevant traveling information before planning the trip, and search for suitable...

Authors: De Wu Liu, Yong Tie Li, De Ming Liu, Pu Ning

Abstract: Human induced pluripotent stem cells is promising for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. In this chapter, we focus on the culture...

Authors: De Wu Liu, Xiang Hu, De Ming Liu, Ping Zou

Abstract: Tetrandrine can inhibit the proliferation and collagen synthesis of fibroblasts in lung and liver tissue confirmed by a series of clinical...


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