Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Soo Mi Yang

Abstract: In this paper, we describe efficient ontology integration model for better context inference based on distributed ontology framework....

Authors: Ismail Ucun, Fatih Onur Hocaoğlu, Sukru Gorgulu

Abstract: Cutting discs are affected by various forces which cause stresses and deflections on the discs. Lateral deflection is one of the most...

Authors: Wei Li, Chaiy Rungsiyakull, Zhong Pu Zhang, Shi Wei Zhou, Michael V. Swain, Ionut Ichim, Qing Li

Abstract: Bioceramics have rapidly emerged as one of major biomaterials in modern biomedical applications because of its outstanding biocompatibility....

Authors: Zhu Jie He, Tao Xu, Chun An Tang

Abstract: In this paper, the bond length effect of FRP plate on bonding performance and the distribution patterns of the stress in FRP plate was...

Authors: Z.C. Xuan, Y.H. Li, Q.J. Zhang, M. Guan

Abstract: We present a verification method for the finite element computation of the J-integrals in functionally graded material. An interval...

Authors: Xiao Bo Liu, Yong Xue Li

Abstract: A supersonic atomizing nozzle is the quite vital component in manufacturing superfine copper powders. The performances of the nozzle have a...

Authors: Guo Yang Wu

Abstract: In this article, the tamper system of multifunction- paver has been simulated by AMESim, and the simulation model of the tamper system of...

Authors: Yan Ling Li, Qiang Ru

Abstract: The first-principle calculation method with plane-wave basis and pseudo-potentials was employed to investigate the intercalation/extraction...

Authors: Ben Hai Yu, Dong Chen

Abstract: the equilibrium lattice constants, elastic and thermodynamic properties of cubic CdTe are systemically investigated at high temperature...

Authors: Jian Gong Yu, Jun Cai Ding, Jun Hong Liu

Abstract: Based on linear magneto-electro-elasticity, the circumferential SH wave equation of transversely isotropy piezoelectricity-piezomagnetic...


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