Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Xian Li

Abstract: The competition and symbiosis relation of minor enterprises results from their active participation and other factors. The main motivations...

Authors: Pin Xie

Abstract: While approval for MBO of large-scale enterprises has been suspended, MBO of the state-owned SMEs has set off a new round of MBO wave....

Authors: Xiao Qian An

Abstract: Positions and roles of sports in treatment of children simple obesity are expatriated .Basic contents of exercise prescription are discussed...

Authors: Min Li

Abstract: Based on the study on the literature, combined with interviews, this paper theoretically proposed four dimensions of the guanxi structure...

Authors: Ai Hao Guan

Abstract: In this study, multiple eigenvalues detection model has been put forward and empirical analysis and comparison between logistic regression...

Authors: Shi Guang Li

Abstract: Strauss believed that modernity has peaked after three waves. The third modernity wave started from Nietzsche and peaked at Heidegger. As...

Authors: Hsiung Cheng Lin, Chao Hung Chen, Liang Yih Liu

Abstract: In recent years, the robot development has been fast expanding to many areas such as entertainment, home task, security, medical care, etc....

Authors: Hsiung Cheng Lin, Liang Yih Liu, Kuo Hung Pai

Abstract: Since the past years, the microprocessor (8051) has been still playing an indispensable role as a controller in industry applications...

Authors: Xian Quan Zeng, Yu Dong Feng

Abstract: In the pervasive computing environment, the users interact with the system through various terminals. How to adjust application interface...

Authors: Hong Jun Zhu, Zhi Peng Ou, Yuan Hua Lin, Fang Fang Hu

Abstract: Riser vortex-induced vibration (VIV) has been the outstanding problem affecting the normal safe operation in offshore oil exploitation. In...


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