Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Feng Li, Yuan Xin Tang, Cui Cui Gong

Abstract: The distributed database system is the product that the database system combines with the computer network system. The data distribution...

Authors: Mei Xia Li

Abstract: In this paper, a new kind of method which are called gradient-type method with perturbations are proposed and a new kind of nonmonotone line...

Authors: Mei Xia Li

Abstract: H1-Galerkin mixed finite element method combining with expanded mixed element method are discussed for a class of second-order...

Authors: Hai Li, Yu Liu, Xiang Jun Bi, Shun Ying Ji

Abstract: The compressional strength of sea ice is a key parameter to determine the interaction between ice cover and offshore structure. In this...

Authors: Chun Ting Lin, Jing Min Wang, Shieh Shing Lin

Abstract: In this paper, authors focus on the influence during the using of USB2.0 Interface board in reading and/or writing radiation arisen from the...

Authors: Ling Jiao Dong, Shao Xing Su

Abstract: To solving the problem that there had been too many undetermined parameters in the fuzzy control rules, it presented a simplified...

Authors: Shi Yun Xiong, Wei Hong Qi, Bai Yun Huang, Ming Pu Wang

Abstract: A model for size dependent vacancy formation energy of nanosolids (nanoparticles, nanowires and nanofilms) has been developed by the...

Authors: Xue Wen He, Gui Xiong Liu, Hai Bing Zhu, Xiao Ping Zhang

Abstract: Aiming at improving localization accuracy in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) based on Least Square Support Vector Regression (LSSVR), making...

Authors: Qian Ku Hu, Hai Yan Han, Hai Yan Wang, Qing Hua Wu

Abstract: The structural and electronic properties of graphite-like C7N compound have been calculated by using first-principles...

Authors: Lie Zhang, Juan Zhang, Peng Fei Du, Zuo Jun Li, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: a Design Concept of Piecewise Variable Wall Thickness of Radome Is Proposed to Simulate the Radome which Has Variable Wall. the Paper...


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