Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Jian Zheng

Abstract: Wormhole attack is a kind of attack manner in WSN that does not need to crack network encryption key, which has great harm. Aiming at the...

Authors: You Rui Huang, Hai Bo Hu

Abstract: PID control scheme has been widely used in most of control system. The method of design PID controller is mature gradually. Due to the...

Authors: Jia Yang, Qiang Xu, Cheng Bo Yu

Abstract: It is difficult to have good performance to control large delay time system. A neural network identification method for nonlinear system’s...

Authors: Xin Lai Tang, Xiao Rong Wang, Meng Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a special text summarization method based on hybrid parallel genetic algorithm. The idea of our approach is to obtain...

Authors: Song De Bao

Abstract: As the internet technology develops, the application of mobile RFID becomes more and more common. Since mobile RFID label is easier to be...

Authors: Yu Long Ying, Quan Ping Hua

Abstract: With the rapid growth and wide application of electronic commerce, lots of information comes forth to people. However, our experiences and...

Authors: Yu Hua Wang, Gui Sheng Yin, Hai Tao Zhang

Abstract: In the process of requirements modeling based on ontology, the obtained model description is based on application ontology; which is not...

Authors: Guang Yang, Wei Li Jiao

Abstract: With the development of remote sensing, the data quantity of remote sensing image is increasing tremendously. It brings a huge workload to...

Authors: Ming Ying Luo

Abstract: The existed fuzzy integral fusion methods used the prior information of training samples to determine the value of fuzzy density, which is...

Authors: Ming Ying Luo

Abstract: This paper presents a candidate set in the case does not produce only scan through a database to extract the top-k strongly correlated item...


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