Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Han, Xiao Hu Qiu

Abstract: To improve the accuracy of query result of search engineer and satisfy personalized requirements of users, we proposed the method of...

Authors: Hai Jun Qu, Gui Cheng Wang, Yun Ming Zhu, X.D. Zhu

Abstract: A finite element model was developed for simulation of feed direction burr formation process in turning. Based on a series of stress and...

Authors: Li Wei Han, Mei Li Meng

Abstract: For the aim of being able to reflect the randomness, fuzziness and the relevance between the two existed in the seepage property of earth...

Authors: Xian Qing Ling, Jun Lu, Lei Wang

Abstract: To improve the ability of the fuzzy edge detection and anti-noise performance, the paper proposes a new weighted direction fuzzy entropy...

Authors: Lei Wang, Jun Lu, Xian Qing Ling

Abstract: Edge is the basic feature of the image, and is easily damaged in the image processing. This paper proposed an edge-preserving method for...

Authors: Peng Wei Gong, Li Hui Wang

Abstract: The mining spares management is an important part of mining enterprise information management. Starting from actual demands of mining...

Authors: Zhi Ping Li, Jing Rong Peng

Abstract: Four different network displaying methods of apparel are summarized. The paper discusses that costumers are more in favor of getting live...

Authors: Jie Liang, Jian Wei Sun

Abstract: Application layer vulnerabilities represent a substantial portion of the security exposures of computer networks. In this paper, we explore...

Authors: Song Hai Fan, Dong Xue Xia

Abstract: The robustness and real-time performance are of the greatest significance for the navigation of the patrol robot in the transformer...

Authors: Di Zhang, Shan Lin, Ying Jie Zhao, Hai Shu Qiao

Abstract: This paper is designed to change the relative backwardness of China in terms of the low-carbon transition. By analyzing the specific...


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