Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Yi Mao, Qian Mo, Qing Fu Huang, Zhi Cheng Chen, Hao Han Qu

Abstract: Recently, the digital meters have much more development in the worldwide. The CS5460A is a single chip that can measures the energy, and...

Authors: Ran Miao Lou, Chang Lu

Abstract: The localization GPS electronic chart apparatus system adopts 32-bit embedded processor as the controller, which greatly enhanced the...

Authors: Hui Fang Ma, Hui Li Ma

Abstract: As traditional text representations are not suitable for online dynamic streams, this paper presents a hot topic extraction technique that...

Authors: Xing Jun Shi

Abstract: According to the requirements of most .NET-based Applications, it is necessary to analyses the principles of importing external data to...

Authors: Xin Jiang Wei, Wei Jun Chen, Gang Wei, An Yuan Liu

Abstract: Excess pore water pressure caused by construction dissipated, resulting in consolidation settlement. The formula of initial excess pore...

Authors: Chao Liu, Zhong Cheng Yu

Abstract: It is important to manage the dynamic information of moving objects in database technique, it is crucial that how to manage and query the...

Authors: Peng Ye, You Cong Ni, Ming Hu

Abstract: The design and description approach for aspect-oriented software architecture (AOSA) has made great progress in the past several years....

Authors: Yi Tao

Abstract: Tests were performed with a light-vehicle diesel engine. Four representative operating conditions in 1600r/min speed have been considered....

Authors: Xin Geng, Xue Zhang, Yi Lin, Nan Zheng, Pei Mei Liu, Jie Hou

Abstract: The article analyzes the development of UROP in the international environment, learning from its successful experience and putting forward...

Authors: Yan Rui Luo

Abstract: Starting from regional distribution, unit distribution, enrollment distribution and other parameters, the paper makes a multi-angle and...


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