Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Fei Wang

Abstract: For the Group Decision Support System (GDSS), the problems of the communication barriers are presented in this paper, and the elimination of...

Authors: Rui Xun Lai, Run Liang Xia, Min Wang

Abstract: Hydrodynamics based numerical model is an effective way to simulate the movement of flood and its result can be visualized by many...

Authors: Ji Qiu Deng, Xiao Qing Luo, Huang Ling Gu

Abstract: With the development of WebGIS, it plays a more and more important role in government and enterprises. The effective way to access and...

Authors: Ji Qiu Deng, Jie Zhang

Abstract: Through adopting probability and statistics model in the process of computing shortest distance, partition strategy can solve the low...

Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Hong Bo Yao, Hui Yu Xu

Abstract: To improve medical students’ understanding of human body morphology and stimulate their interest in learning with the nine human systems as...

Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Li Hong Wang, Hui Yu Xu

Abstract: Multimedia and the Internet as a representative of the modern information technology put society as a whole is an organic whole repeatedly,...

Authors: Hui Yu Xu, Zhi Wei Chen, Jie Guan

Abstract: Because the present science and technology development, clinical epidemic studies and inspection of experiment teaching improved, the...

Authors: Hui Yu Xu, Zhi Wei Chen, Yan Min Wu

Abstract: The aim would clinical immunology and inspection content and network. Is connected, enable medical students more convenient and more vividly...

Authors: Hai Yan Zhang, Li Hong Wang, Jing Tian, Zhi Wei Chen

Abstract: The paper would put the content of oral histological pathology and the network together, learning this course more convenient and visualize,...

Authors: Zhi Bin Yu, Chun Xia Chen

Abstract: The one-dimensional feature-separability model concerning the feature-separability issue of radar emitter signals is proposed based on the...


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