Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Wei Sha Han, Rui Zhen Gao

Abstract: In Matlab/Simulink software semi-active suspension dynamic model of a quarter car is established and a sliding mode controller and a fuzzy...

Authors: Jing Jun Zhang, Fei Wei, Hui Li

Abstract: This paper introduces Model Driven Architecture(MDA) and Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP), based on train online ticketing system, it...

Authors: Hung Ming Chen, Po Hung Chen, Yong Zan Liou, Zhi Xiong Xu, Yeni Ouyang

Abstract: This study presents a smart remote controller (SRC) framework for the Android. The Android mobile device acts as the client side of the...

Authors: Fan Li, Fei Wang

Abstract: Paying more attention to economic benefit but less to social responsibility is a problem faced by many Radio & TV universities in China....

Authors: Dong Xiao Gu, Chang Yong Liang, Wen En Chen, Wen Xing Lu, Chun Rong Zuo

Abstract: Currently, the earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment to breast cancer still mainly depend on physicians’ experience and knowledge....

Authors: Jian Qiang Mei, Shao Qing Mo, Yi Ni Guo, Jun Zhang, Zheng Guang Liu

Abstract: Due to the issues of recent traffic situation and the problems of current vehicle recognition systems, a high resolution video image based...

Authors: Jing Bian, Hong Zhuang, Wei Li

Abstract: It is the key fact for the accuracy of traffic simulation that the cellular automation model of traffic flow could simulate the real hybrid...

Authors: Yan Peng Wu, Hao Liu, Jun Cheng Lei

Abstract: File-propagation and replication is a key problem of P2P Network. In this paper, epidemic model with spatial dynamics was adopted, and a...

Authors: Jun Cheng Lei, Yan Peng Wu, Wen Fei Zeng

Abstract: Inventory routing problem is one of the key issues to achieve integrated management of logistics. Solving this problem effectively, we can...

Authors: Jia Li, Xue Na Peng, Ying You Wen, Hong Zhao

Abstract: Though some algorithms about the minimum delay have been designed, there is no actual algorithm which could be used in a Mesh-based P2P...


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