Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wan Wen Luo, Fei Gao, Xue Guang Zhou

Abstract: This paper made an induction from case of keyword filtering based on anti-active jamming in Chinese. The main work was summarized related...

Authors: Ai Min Liu

Abstract: There are a few of methods for viewing from medical dataset, including reflecting_show, projecting_show, slicing show. In this article, our...

Authors: Xu Sheng Yang

Abstract: Based on the FLAC2D finite difference software, We can use strength reduction theory to gained the stability factor of the 48 soil slopes...

Authors: Wei Dong Huang, Lei Shi, Zhe Tong

Abstract: On the premise of all-round development of rural material civilization and spiritual civilization which are promoted by rural information ,...

Authors: Ying Nan Nie, Yuan Yuan Peng

Abstract: In the context of globalization and low-carbon economy, the Chinese government has drawn up a number of policies and policy experiments to...

Authors: Li Yi Zhang, Teng Fei, Jin Zhang, Jie Li

Abstract: Emergency relief has characteristics of complexity, urgency, sustainability, technicality, and so on. In this paper a mathematical model to...

Authors: Teng Fei, Li Yi Zhang, Hong Wei Ren, Jin Zhang, Cui Wen Huang

Abstract: In this essay, the solution about emergency logistics distribution routing optimization has been analyzed by quantitative methods, and the...

Authors: Cu Guo, Qing Yi Hua, Ya Ming Li, Yan Shuo Chang, Hong An Pan

Abstract: In view of various shortcomings of the traditional MVC model and PAC model in mobile applications, this paper presents a new type of mobile...

Authors: Hong An Pan, Qing Yi Hua, Yan Shuo Chang, Xiao Dong Qi

Abstract: In the development of interactive graphics application on mobile devices, we are puzzled by two problems: The one is how to make graphics...

Authors: Zhao Wei Liu, Jing Lei Liu, Xue Jiao Sun

Abstract: Researching preference is significative in artificial intelligence. The paper shows the concept and example of CP-nets on preference...


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