Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Li, Guang Lu

Abstract: Now many customers browse a large number of online reviews to know others’ word-of-mouth about products and services prior to making their...

Authors: Huan Zhou Li, Jian Zhang, Zhang Guo Tang, Ming Quan Zhong

Abstract: To protect digital evidence during Computer Forensics, the measure of protection digital evidence was analyzed, and a project of protection...

Authors: Yan Mei Huang

Abstract: The article analyzed national aesthetic theory and emotion thinking.The culture system of Heiyi zhuang national minority costume is emotion...

Authors: Chang Shun Wang, Hai Rong Xiao, Wei Gang Pan, Yao Zhen Han

Abstract: A monitoring and alarm system for the ship’s engine room based on CAN bus is introduced in this paper. The paper describes the sensors and...

Authors: Chang Shun Wang, Wei Gang Pan, Hai Rong Xiao

Abstract: As the multi-DOF ship motion in the ocean, the ordinary satellite antenna can not be normal used on the ship. A ship-borne automatic...

Authors: Lun Wen Lu

Abstract: In this study, it is based on the processing theory and equipments for Chinese fermented meat products and western fermented meat products....

Authors: Chao Yong Tuo

Abstract: Compared with traditional three-phase motors, six-phase induction motors due to their high reliabilities and low DC side voltages can...

Authors: Da Fa Shi

Abstract: Now, the complication and systemization of the industry is increasing day after day, which make it hard to design the motion control system....

Authors: Xiao Ling Mo, Mei Xiang Peng

Abstract: Power consumption models for low-power wireless communications, where transmitter and receiver electronics power consumption is comparable...

Authors: Jun Jie Wang, Qian Mo, Dong Xia Mei, Su Li

Abstract: An image watermarking algorithm using Least Significant Bit is presented. Firstly, Logistic chaotic map is utilized to generate embedding...


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