Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhi Yu

Abstract: Two experimentally feasible schemes are proposed for generating multipartite entangled states of cold trapped ions. In the first scheme, a...

Authors: Fang Wan, Fei Deng

Abstract: Traditional three dimensional system data structure such as tree and linked list does not fit the huge data organization and management. In...

Authors: Fang Wan, Fei Deng

Abstract: Vanishing point detection is a basic work in camera self-calibration, single view reconstruction and series of images matching. Our research...

Authors: Jun Bo Li, Jie Liu

Abstract: Quick Response has become a major strategy to bring competitiveness and has been widely implemented in logistics field. In order to evaluate...

Authors: Hui He, Ming Chang, Xing Wang, Wen Juan Li, Hong Li Zhang, Hong Mei Ma

Abstract: To obtain overlay network traffic and delay information between two hosts is important for network management, monitoring, design, planning...

Authors: Sen Xin Zhou, Jiang Hong Han, Hao Tang

Abstract: The application of fieldbus has been limited due to the high cost of hardware and the difficulty in interfacing with multivendor products....

Authors: Sen Xin Zhou, Jiang Hong Han, Hao Tang

Abstract: The impacts of self-similar traffic on network performance has received much attention recently, however the effects of control network on...

Authors: San Hong Tong, Jin Xiu Jiang

Abstract: With the popularity of computer and network among adolescent, the influences of web on adolescents aroused the attention of society and...

Authors: Peng He, Zhen Zhou

Abstract: In this research, an approach is described that emphasized using visualization to teach synthetically experiment course. This research...

Authors: Xing Cheng Zhang, Jian Qiang Liu, Mao Kui Li, Yun Xu Fu

Abstract: This paper presented an innovative approach to implement physics experiment by remote measurement system. In the experiment of magnetic...


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