Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Zhang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: In the Context of integration of the Tri-networks, digital libraries start running its individual knowledege service to express its using...

Authors: Si Hui Li, Xiao Yun Jia

Abstract: The serial communication between microcomputer and other devices is often used in industrial controls, this paper mainly introduces the...

Authors: Cheng Yi, Chun Li

Abstract: The theory and practice of Institutional Repository in developed countries of Europe and America have clearly demonstrated that the...

Authors: Yue Tang, Er Hui Liu, Ling Di Tang, Wang Hui

Abstract: Centrifugal pump performance has transient effect obviously during rapid changing period and the pump hydrodynamic performance of transient...

Authors: Hai Wen Du, Xing Wei Weng, Yu Song Fu, Chuan Lin Tang, Li Xin Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the uncertain nonlinear jamming problem in UCAV’s flight control system, a method using jamming observer to check the...

Authors: Xian Wen Fang, Ying Hua Feng, Zhi Xiang Yin

Abstract: With the development of Web service theories and technologies, it has been an effective approach to satisfy users’ requirements by service...

Authors: Xian Wen Fang, Yan Ni Zou, Qian Jin Zhao

Abstract: At present, developers can rapidly generate applications through Web service composition, the quality of service (QoS) of web service...

Authors: Chang Yong Ri, Min Yao

Abstract: This paper presented the key problems to shorten “semantic gap” between low-level visual features and high-level semantic features to...

Authors: Zhi Feng Luo, Shun Xiang Wu

Abstract: With the widespread use of smart phones in current social, the SMS chat has become a new way of communication among people. However, a...

Authors: Zhang Lei, Cong Feng Liu, Wei Jiang, Gui Zhou Xu, Ning Dai

Abstract: OFDM is a promising digital communications technique for high data rate transmissions. In this paper, we have analyzed the performance of...


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