Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ni, Xi Fei Wei

Abstract: Fluid animation based on physical model has produced a number of new research achievements ,and it has also become a hot spot of research in...

Authors: Feng Ri Li, He Zhi Wang, Wei Wei Jia, Zhao Gang Liu

Abstract: As the basis of 1:10000 color aerial remote sensing image of Ulan Buh Desert, Inner Mongolia, this paper studies on white thorn which is a...

Authors: Yang Liu, Wen Bo Fang, Nan Xin Qin, Hong Yu

Abstract: OpenGL is an excellent tool for developing 3D graphics. Because of its language based on C language, the documents which about OpenGL...

Authors: Ling Bo Dong, Zhao Gang Liu

Abstract: The visualization of individual tree dynamic growth process provides a more intuitively visual display of individual tree growth process and...

Authors: Wei Wei Jia, Guang Dao Bao, Xue Wei Wu, Sheng Wei Jiang, Chang Zhai

Abstract: This paper studied the development process of evaluation and research status of the GIS technology in the geological environment in the...

Authors: Xu Guo, Zhao Gang Liu

Abstract: The article is based on C# developing platform, ArcGIS Engine developing component,and forest resources survey data of Maoershan...

Authors: Yan Gu, Zheng Zhe Jing, Tai Xiang Zhao, Xian Zhao Li

Abstract: A series of large public event highlight the problems in emergency management in China. As a result, it is significant to build an emergency...

Authors: De Jun Tang, Wei Shi Zhang, Lian Fu Li, Yan Si

Abstract: The image matching technology is very important technology in computer vision. It is a wide range of application areas, such as aerial image...

Authors: Yun Juan Liang, Xiao Ying Wu, Li Juan Ma, Li Jun Zhang

Abstract: In color images, skin color is the important information on human face. This paper proposes a method to detect and locate human face rapidly...

Authors: Xiao Ying Wu, Yun Juan Liang, Li Li, Li Juan Ma

Abstract: In this paper, improve the image annotation with semantic meaning, and name the new algorithm for semantic fusion of image annotation, that...


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