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Authors: Cai Ling Wang, Chun Xia Zhao, Jing Yu Yang
Abstract:A high accuracy rotation angle estimation algorithm based on Local Upsampling Fourier Transform (LUFT) is developed in this paper. The LUFT...
Authors: Cai Ling Wang, Chun Xia Zhao, Jing Yu Yang
Abstract:A robot monocular localization method based on 4-DOF ego-motion model and RANdom SAmple Consensus (RANSAC) in country road environment is...
Authors: Ying Yong Li, Yu Chun Ma, Xiao Yan Chen
Abstract:Using the application of bulk data transfer, we investigate the performance of existing TCP-to-SCTP Translation shim scheme under the...
Authors: Fei Su, Wen Jing Xu, Zhao Wen Lin, Yan Ma
Abstract:With the development of IPv6, it is taken as a natural cover to defend against Internet worm due to its huge address space. We demonstrate...
Authors: Zhao Hui Li, Da Shen Xue
Abstract:With reference to discussion of the cultural & creative industries and the network ecosystem, this paper puts forward a cultural &...
Authors: Zhao Hui Li, Yan Chen
Abstract:Based on discussed the characteristics of highway traffic accidents’ severity and distribution in detail, this paper puts forward a new...
Authors: Chun Hua Dong, Li Wang, Jian Ping Hu
Abstract:In order to resolve the problems about providing optimal learning and training and high price caused by frequent computer-assembly, a virtual...
Authors: Lu Yao, Zheng Hua Wang, Wei Cao, Zong Zhe Li, Yong Xian Wang
Abstract:Matrix ordering is a key technique when applying Cholesky factorization method to solving sparse symmetric positive definite system Ax = b....
Authors: Wen Han Ma, Xiao Yi Hu, Li Yang Bai
Abstract:This paper describes the characteristics of the impulse noise in the shallow water acoustic channel, and its influence on the bit error rate...
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