Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dao Bing Xiong, Kun Peng Wang, Xiang Zhi Zhao

Abstract: To resolve the problem of data association between region and county level power-dispatching, the method based on REST web service is...

Authors: Qing Feng Wang, Chuan Lin

Abstract: A new variable step size LMS algorithm (CoLMS algorithm) based on two cooperative adaptive filters was proposed. In the CoLMS algorithm, the...

Authors: Hai Xia Li, Wen Fang Li, Jia Yi Chen

Abstract: The LED illumination has extremely high luminous efficiency, which is5 or 10 times of incandescent, 2 times of the traditional energy-saving...

Authors: Li Rong Xiong

Abstract: This fuzzy speed controller is designed and applied in induction motor drive systems. MATLAB software fuzzy logic toolbox is used to the...

Authors: Zuo Yong Li, Chun Xue Yu, Lei Zang

Abstract: The bee immune evolutionary algorithm was proposed in order to improve effectively the optimal ability of bee evolutionary genetic...

Authors: Zuo Yong Li, Chun Xue Yu, Zheng Jian Zhang

Abstract: In order to avoid premature convergence and improve the precision of solution using basic shuffled frog leaping algorithm (SFLA), based on...

Authors: Hong Mei Xia, Xiang Jun Zou, Hong Jun Wang

Abstract: A pineapple harvesting robot consisted of a manipulator arm, an end-actuator, a positioning identification device, a frame, a fruit box, a...

Authors: Li Xin Zhang, Quan Liang Cao

Abstract: Electromagnetic tracking systems are often used to track location and orientation of an implantable medical instrument in the human body....

Authors: Xiao Dan Qi, Jin Cai Hou, Hai Tao Yu, Chun Jing Zhang

Abstract: To study the underlying mechanism of 20 (S)-Ginsenoside-Rh2 and 20 (R)-Ginsenoside-Rh2 inducing apoptosis of human lung adenocarcinoma A549...

Authors: Wei Liang Wang

Abstract: Software Program of Water and Wastewater Network Optimization Was Provided and Was Applied in Petrochemical Enterprise. a New Water System...


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