Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Hua Zhang, Xiu Li Mao, Wan Yu Duan

Abstract: Due to the exceptionally desirable properties, Chebyshev polynomials have been recently proposed for designing public key cryptosystems....

Authors: De Qian Xue

Abstract: Semi-supervised Support Vector Data Description multi-classification algorithm is presented, in order to solve less labeled data learning,...

Authors: Meng Meng Zhang, Ling Ma, Zhi Hui Yang, Yang Yang, Hui Hui Bai

Abstract: The denoising principal of the anisotropic diffusion equation is studied. Adaptive filtering of image is realized by combining the improved...

Authors: Zhan Feng Sun, Kong Jun Bao

Abstract: On the base of researching currently popular text topic extraction technologies, a new text topic automatic abstracting method is proposed...

Authors: Cheng Huang, Rong Dai

Abstract: Lossless digital watermarking algorithm based on attribute information has been presented based on the location information and coordinate...

Authors: Hong Ying Qin

Abstract: This paper concerns an improved adaptive genetic algorithm, and the method is applied to the Maximum Entropy Template Selection Algorithm...

Authors: Jing Feng Yan, Shao Hua Tao

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel breadth-first search algorithm and deals with the problem of duplicate web pages removing and page ranking by...

Authors: Bai Hua Li, Lin Hua Piao, Ming Ming Ji

Abstract: Based on operation computation of signal chip MSC1214, Output signal processing of air level posture sensor is carried on, including...

Authors: Jian Li Zhang, Yan Min Li

Abstract: one improved finite volume method is proposed, expatiating on the basic idea and integrating the partial derivative equation for the...

Authors: Ping Wang, Wen Yi Fan, Ming Ze Li, Fang Liu, Qiong Zhang

Abstract: With the LiangShui forestry centre as study area, high-density LiDAR data and to synchronously processed high-resolution digital image are...


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