Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Xian Zhu, Ge Li, Wen Wei Cai, Shao Ling Wu

Abstract: The Negotiation Service Management Agent (NSMA) is the directorial proxy of negotiation service in the E-Commerce negotiation platform based...

Authors: Li Jun Yang

Abstract: The existence of heterogeneous data sources brings great inconvenience to realize the exchange visits to data between different information...

Authors: Ling Qiang Wang, Chen Xi Yan

Abstract: Regional safety alarm system is a security system widely used in enterprises and institutions, residential districts and office buildings,...

Authors: Jin Hong Gao

Abstract: This paper analyzes the data acquires from ultraviolet spectroscopy. Combining with information theory, it conducts pattern recognition...

Authors: Xiu Ping Wang

Abstract: This paper puts forward an application of IOT technologies in campus security,such as the RFID, wireless sensor networks, Zigbee,and so on,...

Authors: Wei Jun Wang, Jing Yang, Ping Feng, Long Bo Mao

Abstract: The electromagnetic field of a Single Phase Synchronous Generator(SPSG) with no-load and rated load is analyzed in this article, the voltage...

Authors: Zhen Chen, Chang Liu, Zhao Gang Liu

Abstract: The focus of soil erosion research has been in two categories: (i) built USLE based on the GIS platform, carried out a dynamic study of the...

Authors: Da Ming Huang, Chun Lan Yang, Ling Fang Wu, Zhi Feng Ma, Qi Hong Yao

Abstract: Vacuum booster is an important assembly part of the auto brake system.It influences the driving security directly so that it must be tested...

Authors: Bin Miao

Abstract: SMEs are important part of the national economy. The level of human resources management in an enterprise ultimately determines the...

Authors: Bin Miao

Abstract: In today's world, the competition between enterprises in the final analysis is talent competition and giving full play to the role of...


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