Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Miao

Abstract: Talent market is a mechanism to allocate and adjust the human resources according to the market laws. The article introduces operation...

Authors: Xi Xiang Zhou, Jia Sheng Li, Dan Guo

Abstract: A control method based on genetic neural network is presented to deal with the nonlinear object of the high-power PS-FB-ZVS PWM DC/DC...

Authors: Zong Fei Zhang

Abstract: The curriculum development is the core task of the current teaching reform of higher vocational schools in China. The curriculum development...

Authors: Kun Chao Lei, Hui Li Gong, Xiao Juan Li, Bei Bei Chen, Ji Wei Li, Liu Lin Song

Abstract: Land subsidence in Cangzhou of the North China Plain, has been an ongoing problem for the past four decades (since the later 1970s). With...

Authors: Kai Yin Huang, Yan Xia Xu, Li Juan Wen, Bao Jun Gao

Abstract: This paper introduces the OLSR routing protocol,IPv4 and IPv6 address protocol's characteristics and internal mechanism.Through simulation,...

Authors: Xia Zhong Zhou

Abstract: The thesis makes a study on the experience as to the location and three-dimensional rural service of Yiyang Vocational and Technical...

Authors: Jian Cheng Xu, Man Zhang, Ran Liang, Qi Zhou

Abstract: Coagulase-negative staphylococci (CNS) are among the most frequently isolated bacterial species in clinical microbiology, and most...

Authors: Jian Cheng Xu, Li Qiang Wang, Jun Wang, Qi Zhou

Abstract: Citrobacter freundii is important causes of nosocomial infections. The present study aimed to evaluate the antibiotic...

Authors: Jian Cheng Xu, Jun Han, Yan Ling Yang, Qi Zhou

Abstract: Klebsiella spp. are opportunistic pathogens which frequently cause community and nosocomial infections. The present...

Authors: Yan Duan, Jue Heng Wu, Xiu Jian Lan, Xuan Hong Zhang, Chun Yan Chen, Sheng Ping Chen

Abstract: In order to enhance the efficiency and the level of instruments management in colleges and universities, the management system of...


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