Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Yang Cao, Hua Li

Abstract: A coupled thermo-mechanical model is used to simulate two-dimensional orthogonal cutting process based on simulation model of micro-cutting....

Authors: Ao Sheng Wang, Xiao Rong Cao

Abstract: According to modern digital flatness assessment attributes, it is required to eliminate interference points by the most simple and fast...

Authors: An Bi You, Bin Yu

Abstract: To deepen the student’s comprehension and visual impression of mining knowledge while avoiding the risk and cost of visiting real mines, a...

Authors: Chang Ming Lu, Shu Zheng, Wei Jin, Bin Hu, Yan Fa Sheng

Abstract: Given the customer requirements for personalized product increased, the contradiction between actual products and customer satisfaction was...

Authors: Yi Wang, Zhen Jin

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the dynamics of an epidemic model with birth anddeath and reaction-di usion processes in heterogeneous...

Authors: Mei Yue Yang, Peng Wang, Xiang Tao Li, Sheng Ping Zhu

Abstract: The limitations in complexity and scalability of current combined input and cross-point queuing switching scheduling policies are first...

Authors: Dong Liang Yao, Xiao Qin Liu

Abstract: With technology advances, the interdependence of various infrastructures has increased, which enhances their vulnerabilities. The national...

Authors: Wei Yan

Abstract: Video processing and cache capacity in embedded system in camera is the key to decide intelligence of shooting system. In particular, to...

Authors: Wei Hou

Abstract: In this paper, we consider the population models with discrete delays and impulsivee ects. By utilizing a Lyapunov-like functions coupled...

Authors: Wu Bin Ma, Zhi Yong Tang, Su Deng, Hong Bin Huang

Abstract: Data exchange is one of the key problems of information integration. The most important process in data exchange problem is how to solute it...


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