Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ge Bi, Shuo Shi Ma

Abstract: Based on the research results of light environment and thermal environment model and the principle of mass balance, the dynamic forecasting...

Authors: Yan Chang Liu, Wei Zheng, Jia Zhang, Yu Kun Ma

Abstract: In order to resolve the problems of low precision and bad real-time of traditional control methods of matching-material system, this paper...

Authors: Min Juan Ou

Abstract: It is an inevitable trend of the development of lab management of local colleges and universities to innovate the management means or...

Authors: Qi Zhong Ou, Xing Yun Huang

Abstract: Curriculum website is an effective form to realize educational informatization. How to design a good curriculum website? This paper...

Authors: Sheng Qi Chen, Jun Zhou

Abstract: A moving mass control of rotating spacecraft is a kind of new control mode, it differs from other control modes because it generates an...

Authors: Di Liang, Feng Rong Zhang

Abstract: To improve the efficiency and accuracy of work measurement of IE, system using VBA language as well as Windows API function is developed on...

Authors: Zui Hu

Abstract: In order to assess the cities' human settlement, this paper proposes a new method according to the elements of niche suitability by the...

Authors: Wei Wei Song, Kai Huang

Abstract: Southern Anhui contains many Huizhou cultural elements. The designer is difficult to capture the required core elements because Huizhou...

Authors: Lin Li, Hai Tao Shi, Xin Gang Wang

Abstract: Flow regime recognition of two-phase flow is of great importance in industrial process. This paper describes the role of the...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhao, Wen Hua Zeng, Min Liu

Abstract: It has been the academic researching subject how to objectively compare the various face identification algorithms. This paper design a...


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