Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Shen, Rong Biao Zhang

Abstract: Based on the node low energy consumption wireless sensor network for greenhouse, which takes mobile gathering node as center to...

Authors: Ye Li Li, Biao Guo, Li Kun Lu

Abstract: This paper defined a kind of communication protocol between the RIP card and the printhead circuit for the inkjet printing system. Protocol...

Authors: Yong Wu, You Qun Wang, Xiang Wei Liu

Abstract: In mathematics field, information and computing science specialty has developed most rapidly. But many universities confront a lot of...

Authors: Chuan Qiang Yu, Xiao Song Guo, Yu Wang, Zhen Ye Wang, De Sheng Wang

Abstract: This article classified the CAN bus in accordance with the bus number, and detailedly studied the development status and problems both in...

Authors: Dong Cai

Abstract: Aircraft recognition automatically is an important research content in target recognition. Improving aircraft recognition precision can...

Authors: He Da Zhang, Yan Mei Liu

Abstract: A firm performance is deconstructed into operational, growth and financial performance based on IT capability, then the model of influencing...

Authors: Bo Wang

Abstract: This paper focuses on the impact of export on China's labor standards through empirical analysis. After building a stable vector...

Authors: Zhi Guo Liu, Shu Yong Wu, Kui Yu

Abstract: The computer application in hospital information management is more and more universal and thorough now.But the computer develops anyway,...

Authors: Li Feng Yin, Hua Jin, Hong Tian

Abstract: Data constraints are the basis of the database normalization, the introduction of XML documents with incomplete information, data...

Authors: Li Feng Yin, Hua Jin, Hong Tian

Abstract: For solving logical implication problem in the presence of XML strong multi-valued dependency(denoted as XSMVD) and XML weak multi-valued...


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