Computational Materials Science

Volumes 268-270

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pu Feng Wu, Qi Liu, Pu Sheng Wu

Abstract: Based on information security single item estimation and good enough security theory, decision-making of Internet banking security control...

Authors: Ping Li, Xiao Yu Li, Ling Ke Zeng, Bo Wu

Abstract: This document expands on the entire developing course of hospital ward integrated management information system. At first, it introduces the...

Authors: Ping Li, Ling Ke Zeng, Bo Wu, Xiao Su Cheng

Abstract: Data processing system on analysis of variance is developed by using Visual Basic. In this document, it introduced conception and functions...

Authors: Feng Gao, Yun Wu, Shang Qiong Lu

Abstract: Based on National Instruments LabVIEW 2009, a network-edition virtual laboratory for digital signal processing (DSP) has been developed....

Authors: Jiu Hong Jiang, Ruo Yan Zhu

Abstract: The relationship between the critical load and maxiumum deflection is established by applying numerical method to solve the curvature exact...

Authors: Fu Sheng Wei, Rui Min Chen, Yong Xiao, San Lei Dang, Jing Feng Yang

Abstract: The paper first discusses the feasibility of the wireless communication in GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) substation. The signals inside GIS...

Authors: Shang Bo Zhou, Yong Li

Abstract: For the existing methods of image registration based on feature, a new method of image registration based on plural differential is proposed...

Authors: Shang Bo Zhou, Kai Kang

Abstract: The SIFT (scale invariant feature transform) algorithm has been successfully used in the image matching field. In this paper, a simplified...

Authors: Si Ri Gu Leng Wang, Qin Tu Si, Urtu Nasun

Abstract: There are a lot of word order errors that occur in the Chinese-Mongolian statistical machine translation system, so we proposed Chinese...

Authors: Yu Tang Min, Xiao Ling Luo, Ben Xiong Huang

Abstract: The system use surveillance camera and image rendering developed a new solar positioning system. The system’s position detection method is...


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