Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Wei Yao, Yu Pu Song, Li Kun Qin, Ling Xia Gao

Abstract: Utilizing the large static-dynamic triaxial test system, 7 proportional loading biaxial tensile and compressive tests of concrete were...

Authors: Jia Wei Yao, Yu Pu Song, Li Kun Qin, Ling Xia Gao

Abstract: Traxial compressive tests on concrete samples subjected to such stress ratios as 0.1:0.25:1, 0.1:0.5:1, 0.1:0.75:1and 0.1:1:1, were...

Authors: Ji Guang Chen, Zhen Sen Zhang, Gang Ling Li

Abstract: This paper mainly focuses on the cracking problem of concrete structures, researches on the biaxial tensile strength of cement concrete. The...

Authors: Xiu Juan Li, Xiao Xin Feng

Abstract: The experimental study on the failure behavior of cement test block in sodium sulfate solution and strength change of specimen in early...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhu, Pei Ming Wang, Ji Dong Zhang

Abstract: The influence of grinded blast furnace slag (GBFS), high-calcium fly ash (HF), desulfurized gypsum (DG) and Na2SO4...

Authors: Xiao Bao Zuo, Wei Sun

Abstract: This paper presents a 2-D nonlinear and non-steady equation for the diffusion reaction of sulfate ion in concrete column subjected to...

Authors: Feng Qi, Yong Xiang Wu, Wen Jin Zhang

Abstract: Standard impermeability test is used to evaluate the impermeability of concrete without bearing history. For having no test to evaluate...

Authors: Feng Qi, Bo Yang, Xi Bin Li

Abstract: Based on Moelands-Reinhardt single parameter power exponent constitutive equation and Equivalent stain hypothesis, preliminary damage...

Authors: Jie Song, Zhi Gang Song, Yi Jie Shen

Abstract: Pedestrian loads are affected by such uncertain parameters as walking step frequency, step length, dynamic load factors and phases of...

Authors: Yi Jie Shen, Jie Song, Zhi Gang Song

Abstract: Mining explosions and railway transportation generally result repeated intermission vibrations (RIV). These vibrations, with relatively...


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