Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Hua Zhao, Aai Hua Liu

Abstract: Analysis of the contrast tests on the property of three test pieces of fabric-reinforced FQQB and observation of the...

Authors: Jun Zhi Zhang, Hua Ting Liu, Yan Dong Zhu, Zhao Qi Fu, Jing Zhao

Abstract: According to a series experiment for bending resistance of hydraulic concrete and RC element of mixing short-chopped basalt fiber, the...

Authors: Er Bu Tian, Feng Chao Wang, Ren Wei Zhang, Tao Ji

Abstract: People often use superplasticizer and mineral admixtures (such as steel slag, slag, etc.) to increase the density of concrete and improve...

Authors: Fu Ping Jia, Heng Lin Lv, Yi Bing Sun, Bu Yu Cao, Shi Ning Ding

Abstract: This paper presents the results of elevated temperatures on the compressive of high fly ash content concrete (HFCC). The specimens were...

Authors: Wei Xie, Ming Xiao Jia

Abstract: A dynamic elastic-plastic microplane constitutive model for concrete based on M2 which is proposed by B.P. Bazant etc., is presented in this...

Authors: Keerthi Gowda, G.L.Easwara Prasad

Abstract: An exhaustive literature survey shows, that a very little effort has been done towards Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approach in the area...

Authors: Jia Chun Wang

Abstract: The hydration of slag in Portland cement is studied by considering the interaction between the hydrations of slag and Portland cement...

Authors: Xiao Fei Zhu, Da Wei Lv

Abstract: The application of steel fiber reinforced concrete as a new type of structural material, has unique advantages and wide application...

Authors: Yousef Rahmani, Mohammad Reza Sohrabi, Ahmad Askari

Abstract: The disposal of waste rubber produced each year is a critical issue for any country, because this material doesn't resolve easily and leads...

Authors: Ping Hua Zhu, Xin Jie Wang, Jin Cai Feng

Abstract: The influence of synchronous use of coarse and fine recycled concrete aggregates on durable performance of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC)...


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