Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohammad Foroughi, Marzieh Kadivar, Mohammad Mehdi Nabavi, Mohammad Reza Kadivar

Abstract: The present paper is a laboratory study on the effect of using silica nanoparticles with cellulose fibers in increasing compressive,...

Authors: Hamed Nabizadeh Rafsanjani, Mehdi Kadivar

Abstract: Nanotechnology is a science concerned with the design, construction and utilization of functional structures with at least one...

Authors: Marzieh Kadivar, Kazem Barkhordari, Mehdi Kadivar

Abstract: The present paper reviews the application of nanotechnology in geotechnical engineering, in which the concept of nanotechnology as well as...

Authors: Hong Liang Cuan, Xiao Mei Luo, Shi Quan Liu

Abstract: Based on the uniformity of magnetic field in shear circle, low magnetic field, and inconvenient of injecting magnetorheological fluid (MRF),...

Authors: Zhen Feng Cui, Dehui Sun

Abstract: We synthesized the magnetic CoFe2O4 nanoparticles using a solution method in the presence of hexamethylenetetramine...

Authors: Xin Wang, Yan Wu, Rui Yang

Abstract: The Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) micro/nano fibrils (VFs) were prepared by high intensity ultrasonication (HIUS). The relative...

Authors: Fang Fang Liao, Wei Wang, Yi Yi Chen

Abstract: Micromechanics-based facture models have been proved to predict ductile fracture in steel structures with good accuracy. The stress modified...

Authors: Gong Xun Wang, Kui Jun Xu, Ming Qiao Zhu

Abstract: In order to utilize the waste steel slag effectively, three kinds of alkaline activator such as Na2SO4,...

Authors: Xiu Mei Qiu, Han Bing Bian

Abstract: This paper contributes to numerically study the mechanical behavior of cement paste under compressive pressure. First, the main results from...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Jin Fan, You Ming Zhao

Abstract: The existing disadvantage of traditional consolidation test apparatus in determining compressibility characteristics of high water content...


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