Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Wang, Cheng Shen Zhu, Hong Chen, Su Qin He

Abstract: To prepare good physical and mechanical properties of nylon 1010/POE-g-MAH composite by melt blending. The mechanical properties and...

Authors: A.N. Ramakrishna, A.V. Pradeep Kumar, Keerthi Gowda

Abstract: In past days many researchers have been worked on the expansive soil to determine the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values in a...

Authors: T. X. Dinh, J. Jeong, H. Ramézani, Z. Q. Feng

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the CO2 carbonation on porous materials such as the cement paste mortar. Our scientific goal is to...

Authors: Yu Liang Qiu, Xiao Xu Zhang, Kai Ping Liu, Xiao Yong Hu, Bo Wen Guan

Abstract: With the fast development of modern industry, the fact that coal dominates the main energy structure will not change for a long time. While...

Authors: Ke Jie Li, Quan An Li

Abstract: The Mg-12Gd-2Y-0.5Sm-0.5Sb-0.5Zr (wt.%) alloy was prepared by casting technology. The microstructure was investigated after solution and...

Authors: Yu Ping Zhu

Abstract: Based on thermodynamics, a constitutive model for magnetic shape memory alloy (MSMA) is developed under biaxial magnetic field. Considering...

Authors: Rui Jie Wang, He Ming Cheng, Bao Dong Shao, Jian Yun Li

Abstract: A finite element model of not wholly quenched steel fatigue specimen is established. Hardness value of some distance to work piece surface...

Authors: Li Jun Shi, Li Zhong Jiang, Bang Cheng Yang

Abstract: The performance research of Friction Stir Weld’s Joints of Aluminum Alloy under different welding parameters is very necessary and valuable...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Run Wu, Chang Song, Yong Fu Zhang, Shu Li Li, Jia Mei Tan

Abstract: The grain refining of C-Mn steel on CSP line was investigated in this paper. The grain size was about 100μm after rolling by stand F1 and...

Authors: Yat Choy Wong, Dong Ruan, Sun Yung Kim, Mitchell Sesso

Abstract: Machined titanium chips are normally recycled as non-ferrous scrap metal, however, one approach is to recycle titanium chips to construct as...


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