Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Zhang Zhu, Ji Bo Hu

Abstract: We generally use methods of statistical forecasting and antithesis in projects post evaluation, but they can only be used as a qualitative...

Authors: Chang Lu, Die Meng, Ming Gao Yu

Abstract: The polyurethane foam is a most common fuel in smoldering fire. A small scale experimental compartment was built. The width, thickness and...

Authors: Xiao Jing Yuan, Fan Liu

Abstract: Flexible piers have been widely used in bridge engineering due to its superior ductility. The stirrup ratio and slenderness ratio were...

Authors: X.H. Meng, W.W. Wang, J.H. Zhou, Yu Pu Song

Abstract: A model of attenuation of residual strength with number of cycles has been founded .In this model the constant confined stress and maximum...

Authors: Di Wu, Chao Xu

Abstract: The influence of geometric characteristic of geogrid on pullout behavior is still an unresolved problem in the application of geosynthetic...

Authors: Qiang Li, Yan Liang Shang, Yang Wang, Ying Chun Fu

Abstract: The stress field around the tip of the blunt crack in rock-type materials under compressive loading is analyzed, and the relation of the...

Authors: Chuan Lian Chen, Qing Zhang, Zhi Guang Guo

Abstract: This article puts forward the design of wire rope tension detection system, and emphatically expounds how to design experiment device to...

Authors: Wei Chen, Wen Bing Xu, Yuan Li

Abstract: Carbonation is one of the most common degradation reactions of concrete which greatly shortens the service life of steel-reinforced concrete...

Authors: Cai Rong Lu, Xue Liang Ge, Guo Xing Mei, Wei Bao Liu, Heng Wang, Yao Li Qian

Abstract: Shrinkage stress of cementitious materials will generate if the dry shrinkage is restrained in drought condition. Shrinkage stress has...

Authors: Fu Sheng Hao, Shi Wu Gao, Ke Liang Ren

Abstract: The paper use the finite element method, simulating the solidification process of metal matrix composite. Obtain the changing of temperature...


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