Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hesam Behjati, Mohammad Hosein Bagheripour

Abstract: Reliability analysis is a useful and comprehensive approach for estimation of liquefaction potential in soil layers. The most commonly used...

Authors: Jyh Wei Lee, Yu Jie Chang, Guo Jie Weng, Chi Kang Lee, Yi Chu Huang

Abstract: The TiO2 nanotube array thin films were fabricated on pure Ti plates by anodization process and annealed at 450oC, 500oC and 550oC for 30...

Authors: Cui Wang, Shu Wang Yan, Run Liu

Abstract: The circumference tensile force developed in the geotextile during filling the tube is the dominant factor to construct a safe dike. Based...

Authors: Jie Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, Portland cement was used as cementitious material and expanded perlite was used as insulation material. Fatty acid salt water...

Authors: Chuang Wang, Ke Zhi Li, Zhen Jun Wang, Geng Sheng Jiao

Abstract: The reflectivity of ferrocene-doped carbon fiber-reinforced cement-matrix composites against the electromagnetic radiation was measured in...

Authors: Liang Li Gao

Abstract: This study proposes a new mixing process for producing commercially acceptable DSP mortar of high flowability, using commercial materials...

Authors: Qian Yu Tang, Hua Wang, Hui Tao Wang, Shan Qing

Abstract: Due to the conventional flat plate solar collector has low efficient, it is necessary to make some improvements in the structure of...

Authors: Hong Tao Li, Yu Li Shao, Bao Liang Wang

Abstract: With special design and manufacture instruments, foot print of used truck tires under different combinations of vehicle load was studied in...

Authors: Zhen Hua Gao, Die Ying Ma, Xin Ying Lv, Wen Bo Liu

Abstract: Relative lower strength and poor creep resistance of wood-plastic composites (WPC) restrain their wider applications in building and...

Authors: Ai Li Guo, Ri Gao, Heng Jing Ba

Abstract: For studying absorption/bearing integration of building materials, high-strength cement-based materials were prepared by using active fly...


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