Advances in Building Materials, CEBM 2011

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Guang Min, Zhi Gang Song, Yan Tao Li, Yi Jie Shen

Abstract: A long term immersion test of mortar in sulfuric acid is carried out to investigate the effects of fly ash (FA) and silica fume (SF) on...

Authors: Sheng Yuan Yang, Zhi Gang Song, Hong Guang Min, Xue Song Zhang

Abstract: Uniform design and non-parametric regression are introduced combined with a long time immersion test of permeable concrete soaked in...

Authors: Zhen Liu, Qi Wang, Peng Song, Lu Fei Tian

Abstract: Test specimens were made from ordinary Portland cement (OPC) pastes containing different percentages of Acrylamide. It was measured the...

Authors: Yun Zhong Shi, Qi Wang, Peng Song, Li Li Jia

Abstract: Preparation of advanced early strength agent ,the main components including organic A, organic B and calcium nitrate. Then tested advanced...

Authors: Li Li Jia, Qi Wang, Peng Song, Yun Zhong Shi

Abstract: Ordinary Portland cement in corrosive environment such as saline-alkali land, sea water and chemical pollution can easily be corroded, thus...

Authors: Juan Hong Liu, Fang Fang Hou, Shao Min Song, Bo Ya Jia

Abstract: In this article, the effects of compressive strength and carbonation depth of HCSA mixing amount on high volume fly ash concrete have been...

Authors: Ke Liang Li, Guo Hong Huang, Jun Lin, Xiu Sheng Tang

Abstract: To improve structure durability of Cao’e River Floodgate in China, durability and lifetime prediction of high-volume ground granulated...

Authors: Jun Cai Xu, Qing Wen Ren, Hai Wei

Abstract: Most temperature control measurement methods are based on artificial work with anti-cracking during concrete construction. Automatic...

Authors: Qing Wang, Gang Xu, Jun Wei

Abstract: Allowing for the analogy between ions diffusion and heat transfer, the numerical simulation on chloride ions diffusion in concrete can be...

Authors: Jian Jiang Ding, Jian Jun Zheng, Chun Lei Chen

Abstract: The study on the penetration of chloride ions into concrete is very important for the durability assessment and design of reinforced...


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