Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Ning Li, Feng Jie Jiang, Tian Li Wang, Jian Pen Sun, Lei Juan Wang

Abstract: The curvature radius is a very important factor which influences the dynamic performance of the curved continuous long bridge badly. This...

Authors: Xian Tao Zeng, Zhen Hua Ren

Abstract: Rehabilitation of existing structures with fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) has been growing in popularity because they offer superior...

Authors: Hua Zhi Zhang, Yi Fang Feng

Abstract: Taking Jiyu Bridge Station of Wuhan Metro Project as example, the deformation characteristics of supporting system of deep foundation pit...

Authors: Hui Qing Lv, Xiang Wei Zhang

Abstract: Working aluminum towers is bound to meet the materials, dimensions, design load, safety and performance requirements of the standard EN...

Authors: Wei Sheng Liang, Jian Cai

Abstract: The beam-type transfer structure has recently been well adopted in multi-purpose buildings. A new type of transfer structure with haunching...

Authors: Tong Feng Zhao, Dan Li, Chang Zheng Sun, Hong Liu

Abstract: The paper puts forward the one-dimensional strain rate related dynamic constitutive model of concrete-filled steel tube. The calculation...

Authors: Hao Sheng Gu, Da Yu Zhu

Abstract: This paper attempts to reveal the flexural behaviors of concrete slab reinforced with GFRP bars. Through flexural test, the deformation...

Authors: Hong Li, Shuang Gao, Tao Wu, Bo Quan Liu

Abstract: On the basis of the experiment of 12 abnormal joints with different depth beams, failure process, seismic capacity and construction measure...

Authors: Shao Jie Wang, Fu Sheng Liu, Tong Sun, Shun Ke Zhang, Hong Bin Wang

Abstract: On the basis of summary and analysis of the characteristics of concrete hollow blocks and composite masonry walls, this paper puts forward...

Authors: Long Yu Yang, Zheng Liang Li

Abstract: The built-up cruciform section formed by two equal-leg angles has been widely applied in extra high voltage(EHV) transmission towers,...


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