Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Zhou, Hua Cheng, Zhong Gang Wang, Yun Bo Lei

Abstract: The analytical signal for time-frequency analysis is obtained by Hilbert transform from free vibration response under suddenly unloading....

Authors: Chun Yi Xu, Ming Liu, Bo Xu

Abstract: To study the influence of slenderness on the compressive bearing capacity of autoclaved fly ash perforated brick masonry long columns and...

Authors: Ying Chun Cai, Yuan Xun Zheng

Abstract: To study the influence of fiber on the water stability of asphalt mixtures, the optimum dosage of asphalt and fibers are studied by the...

Authors: Jin Gang Xiong, Yon Kang Zheng, Guan Min Cai, Yan Li

Abstract: In this paper the analysis is conducted to investigate the progressive collapse resistance of typical reinforced concrete(RC) multi-story...

Authors: Meng Hong Wang, Bao Chao Xiong, Song Song Shi, Yu Wei Zhang

Abstract: Based on relevant flow rule, Von Mises yield condition and the virtual displacement principle determined by the updated-Lagrange...

Authors: Guang Ling He

Abstract: Wind loads encountered by wind turbine systems exhibit obvious randomness. Conventional researches of wind loads mainly target developing...

Authors: Rui Pang, Shu Ting Liang, Xiao Jun Zhu

Abstract: The detailed formations of precast floor slab connectors have significant effect on its axial capacity, but there is no such specific...

Authors: Qing Ning Li, Qing Mei Liu, Lin Zhao

Abstract: A steel reinforced concrete frame-concrete core wall structure is taken as the research object in this paper. The whole space finite element...

Authors: Li Ying Peng, Jun Wei, Peng Yu Wu, Teng Wang

Abstract: Started from structure construction ,this paper carried out numerical analysis about the test members through computer simulation and...

Authors: Gui Rong Liu, Fu Lai Qu, Yu Pu Song

Abstract: Ten reinforce concrete (RC) shear walls were exposed to fire on one side. A time-temperature fire curve with a heating phase and decaying...


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