Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qin Xu, Wei Huang, Hao Zhen Wu, Jun Yuan Wang, Jie Yu Liu

Abstract: Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is a new kind of material for structural engineering in recent year. The partial inferiority of the bond and...

Authors: Xiang Ping Kang, Ning Feng

Abstract: The insurance is the valid means which transfers engineering risk, but applied very limited in our country. The present condition of the...

Authors: Zhong Hu, Da Yi Ding, Yuan Qing Wang, Li Yuan Liu, Hai Ying Wan

Abstract: The curved box-girders of Hefei Xinqiao International Airport Terminal were taken as a background of this article. Aiming at the type of the...

Authors: Rui Sun, Xiao Ming Yuan, Long Wei Chen, Zhen Zhong Cao

Abstract: The frequency of ground records on liquefied and non-liquefied sites is different. The calculation method of frequency decreasing rate is...

Authors: Yang Gao, Zhao Yi Zhang, Yong Jiu Shi, Yuan Qing Wang, Guo Xing Li

Abstract: Conservatories at gardens by the bay in Singapore consist of Cool Dry and Cool Moist, which are intended for the display of plants that...

Authors: Chao Dang, Yu Ding, Zun Lan Cheng, Na Na Chu

Abstract: A mathematical model to simulate the natural dam break process and to forecast the flood hydrograph in the breach is developed in this...

Authors: Li Gang Zhang, Wen Juan Lou, Ming Feng Huang

Abstract: By the combination of POD method and mode superposition method, the eigenvector similarity factor is introduced on the representation of the...

Authors: Cheng Yu Li, Lie Luo, Yao Jie Guo

Abstract: The result of low cycle reversed loading indicates that,hysteresis loops of out stiffener ring joint performs good plumpness and stability,...

Authors: Yan Li Hou, Yu Feng Jiao, Xue Ying Wei

Abstract: The failure of the reinforced concrete (RC) column on the ground floor may result in progressive collapse of the whole building. In the...

Authors: Cheng Yu Li, Yao Jie Guo

Abstract: The past study indicates that, when the space joint of concentric annular-stiffer is loaded, stress concentration may generate at corner....


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