Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Rong Shi, Yi Liang Zhang, Long Wang

Abstract: The suspendome structure is a new-type of hybrid prestressed spatial structural system which has been developing on the basis of...

Authors: Na Ha, Lian Guang Wang, Shen Yuan Fu

Abstract: In order to improve the bearing capacity of SRC which is related with deformation and stiffiness, SRC beams should be strengthened by CFRP....

Authors: De Jun Zhao, Yin Zhang, Jun Long Lu

Abstract: As for the form of a earth buildings ,rammed earth buildings have the advantages of green and environmental protection, easy and fast...

Authors: Bin He, Jun Long Lu

Abstract: To research the safety of an underground defense project and the impact to other buildings, applying basic mechanics principles, established...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Qian Liu

Abstract: End plate stiffener failures occure in a number of tests in recent years. And no relevant rules are given in design codes for steel...

Authors: Hui Mao, Yan Wang, Cheng Hua Li

Abstract: Based on the experiments of four connections with widened beam flange section which included two arc widened beam flange connections and two...

Authors: Bo Yan, Guo Long Yang, Hui Lin, Chang Xue Shi

Abstract: In order to improving the launching technique in soft layer, the paper proposed the soil-chamber under pressure on the launching technique...

Authors: De Ling Wang, Li Guo

Abstract: In this paper, the force against rigid retaining walls from backfill soil under static loads and vibration loads is analyzed within three...

Authors: Ya Jun Wang, Jin Xi Wang

Abstract: This paper presents the development of a new remediation technology of contaminated soil and groundwater using humic acid (HA) in permeable...

Authors: Sha Sha Dong, Wei Ying Wang, Fu Shun Liu, Zhi Qiang Gao

Abstract: Nowadays, damping is still the important dynamic characteristic that is the least understood and the most difficult to quantify. The...


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