Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qin Xu, Wei Huang, Hao Zhen Wu, Xiao Ping Jiang, Zhen Zhong Zhang

Abstract: Based on bending fiber reinforced concrete beam, through the nonlinear analysis, the paper discuss the constitutive models of concrete and...

Authors: Zhen Yu Wu, Yong Hong Yao

Abstract: A nonlinear finite element model of fixed ended cold-formed steel stiffened lipped channel short columns with and without perforations was...

Authors: Xuan Sheng Cheng, Jun Ling Wang

Abstract: According to liquid-solid coupling vibration analysis model of reinforced concrete rectangular liquid-storage structure on Winkler elastic...

Authors: Rui Ge Li, Yao Ting Zhang

Abstract: Nonlinear properties of materials will be automatically ignored while structural dynamic analysis in ANSYS. And the energy method principle...

Authors: Ling Zhi Jin, Hong Mei Zhou, Qiang Fu, Xiao Jie Zhou, Yu Lin Xie

Abstract: The unbonded prestressed concrete slabs is usually used in big span high-rise buildings. Due to the existence of stairs, elevators, piping...

Authors: Shou Ping Shang, Mei Fang Xu, Chao Qun Ji

Abstract: In order to investigate the failure mechanism,failure mode and hysteresis curves of the low strength row-lock cavity walls strengthened with...

Authors: Nan Guo, Hua Li, Yi Hong Guo

Abstract: In this paper, beginning with the mechanism of secondary moment, the calculated difference of secondary moment between slab-column structure...

Authors: Qing Yu Cao, Wei Sun, Li Ping Guo

Abstract: Cracking is the most common damage in the secondary lining concrete because of its continuous thin-walled structure, potential surrounding...

Authors: Yong Qian Zheng, Jin Ping Zhuang

Abstract: Fire resistance design of Reinforced concrete wall is one of the important issues for structural safety. The sequentially coupled...

Authors: Shu Xia Yan, Xi Ping Wu, Dong Wang

Abstract: There are plenty of pipes to be arranged in subway station platform. Optimizing the air-conditioning system ducts is especially important...


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