Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Cong Zhou, Wen Juan Yao, Ze Rong Zhang

Abstract: Based on the bearing capacity behavior and load transfer mechanism of super-long pile in soft soil, the three-stage hyperbolic softening...

Authors: Hua Cong Zhou, Wen Juan Yao, Ze Rong Zhang

Abstract: Currently, super-long piles are designed based on the theory of normal long piles. There is no recognized reasonable mechanical model for...

Authors: Jie Liu, Yan Yan Zhang

Abstract: This article establishes a circular truncated cone model of the post-grouted induration end,brings forward a integrative influence...

Authors: Fang Fang Wei, Jin Bo Wang, Ben Wei Zou, Hao Sun

Abstract: The conception of twice prestressed composite structures (TPCS) was proposed in order to solve great distortion problems in prestressed...

Authors: Zhi Hua Nie, Hong Bing Liu

Abstract: In this paper, two kinds of mega-frame structures have been simplified to the series-parallel-connection model which considered with joint...

Authors: Shu Guang Luan, Rui Jin Zhang, Hao Wang

Abstract: Bases on experimental investigations of HSC and NSC, HSC’s mechanical behavior, failure mechanism, fracture toughness, characteristic length...

Authors: Tie Zhi Zhang, Li Jiu Wang, Dan Sun

Abstract: Waste concrete, broken bricks, mortar were very good renewable resources. 6 mix proportions were designed with construction waste after...

Authors: Jun Wang, Huan Jun Ye, Zhi Wei Sun, Wei Chen

Abstract: In order to research the influence of basalt fiber on the crack and deflection of the reinforced concrete beams, four basalt fiber...

Authors: Zhong Yang, Jing Cao

Abstract: Reticulated shell is one type of the common spatial structure form. This paper proposes a vibration reduction method by supplementing...

Authors: Qian Zhang, Hong Hong Sun, Jiu Guang Geng

Abstract: Asphalt aging occurs both in the construction period and in the service period of asphalt pavement. It is believed that aging could have a...


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