Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Zhang

Abstract: Earth building is one kind of residential buildings with typical characteristics of materials used locally, natural existence, reasonable...

Authors: Ze Yao Xu, Qian Lin, Jian Lin Zhang

Abstract: The novel passive energy dissipation system named Damped Outrigger System for frame-core tube structure is introduced in recent years, in...

Authors: Guo Hui Huang, Zheng He

Abstract: The beam-to-beam impact behavior during the progressive collapse progress of reinforced concrete frame structures under severe ground...

Authors: Zhi Guo Xie, Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Jie Yin

Abstract: Numerical analysis of thermal response and structural response of a suspended pre-stressed steel reticulated lattice shell are conducted for...

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Ming Zhou, Zhi Guo Xie, Feng Bo Yu

Abstract: In order to study the fire-resistance behavior of the spatial pre-stressed steel structures with large span, the model of numerical analysis...

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Zhi Guo Xie, Ming Zhou, Jie Yin

Abstract: Mechanical behavior of a set of ordinary concrete filled steel tubular short column (note as NCSSC) and ceramsite concrete filled steel...

Authors: Lu Yang Shan, Pi Zhong Qiao

Abstract: A composite FRP trough is analyzed by finite element (FE) method. A modeling of FRP composite trough, which meets the performance...

Authors: Yang Wei, Guo Fen Li, Shen Xue Jiang, Qi Sheng Zhang, Qing Fang Lv

Abstract: FRP bars were used to improve the mechanical properties of bamboo beams for civil engineering without changing the existing bamboo...

Authors: Zong Ping Chen, Xiang Gang Zhang, Shi Qian Zhang, Jian Yang Xue

Abstract: In order to reveal the performance of steel recycled concrete composite columns, 6 specimens were designed for axial compression loading...

Authors: Xiang Liu, Zhen Ning Gao, Jiang Tao Kong

Abstract: By means of site test of horizontal-axis wind turbine tower under different working conditions, the paper make a further analysis by DASP...


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