Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hua Lu, Xu Xie, Qing Jie Zhao

Abstract: With the development of society, the demand of coal resources is increasing. However, the deformation and damage of buildings above goaf,...

Authors: Ying Li Liu, Chun Miao Li

Abstract: This paper describes the characteristics and construction processes of Multi-winged branches pile, it also introduces the basic principles...

Authors: Yang Wei, Gang Wu, Zhi Shen Wu, Dong Sheng Gu

Abstract: Three large-scale concrete-filled FRP-steel composite circular tubes and a control steel tube were tested to investigate flexural behavior....

Authors: Xue Feng Cai, Jin Ping Zhuang, Ming Bei Tuo

Abstract: The characteristics of integral forced prformance for seel tubular high scaffold with couplers were introduced and deficiencies were pointed...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Jian Long Ji, Jian Ping Lei

Abstract: Thin-walled cylindrical shells are widely used in many industrial sectors as light structural elements. Determination of their buckling...

Authors: Hai Rong Huang, Hao Zhang, Lu Min Wang, Qi Keng Xu, Da Ying Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, non-coherent prestressed steel stranded wire being introduced in one concrete silo model of 10m inner diameter is tensed at...

Authors: Yan Xia Zhang, Lu Yao Wang, Fan Yang

Abstract: Five different full-scale improved beam-to-column connections in steel moment frame were tested to study the failure process, failure mode,...

Authors: Ling Yuan Zhou, Li Qiao

Abstract: A efficient 3D beam element based on the distributed nonlinearity theory is proposed for nonlinear analysis of reinforcement concrete...

Authors: Peng Chang, Yao Luo

Abstract: A new method for calculating the elastic lateral stiffness of the multi-ribbed composite slab by ANSYS—the layered-shell element method is...

Authors: Jun Ke Han, Chun Lei Zhang

Abstract: The cold-formed steel member can arrange the most suitable shape of section according to the material needed. It can increase the load...


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