Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Zhu Sun, Fang Yang, Ya Gang Zhou, Zi Ling Xie

Abstract: Double layer stirrup confined concrete columns use two layers of stirrup, inside and outside, to constrain the core concrete. In this paper,...

Authors: Gang Shi, Cuo Cuo Lin, Yuan Qing Wang, Yong Jiu Shi, Zhao Liu

Abstract: Compared to the ordinary strength steel extensively applied in structures currently, high strength steel, a new kind of construction...

Authors: Guo Qiang, Xiu Run Ge, Ai Lan Che

Abstract: The present paper is to analyses the key parameters of multi-reflection in GPR Survey. At first, it introduced the theory and methods for...

Authors: Nai Qi Jiao, Di Tao Niu, Yan Wang

Abstract: Steel fiber reinforced shotconcrete are widely used at home and abroad, compared to the ordinary modelconcrete, this process is not only...

Authors: Qing Tian Su, Dong Fang Wang

Abstract: Connectors are the key element in steel and concrete composite structure. To research and develop new type connector for steel and concrete...

Authors: Guang Hong Xiao, Qiu Ling Zhang, Chao Huang

Abstract: A general analysis method of curved bridge, pure twist theory, which is based on the bar structure mechanical, has been introduced in this...

Authors: Yu Li, Xi Zhu, Qing Shan Yang

Abstract: Reasonable strong seismic motion records are selected according to the applicable Code of Seismic Design for Railway Engineering. By using...

Authors: Zhong Quan Zou, Li Ping Zhou, Guo Jing He

Abstract: The responses of a long span concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) arch bridge subjected to spatially correlated ground motion are analyzed....

Authors: Pang Jo Chun, Gong Kang Fu

Abstract: In this paper, we report on an analytical solution for beam-type skewed highway bridges subjected to truck loading. To confirm the analysis...

Authors: Min Zhong

Abstract: The large-span bridges always employ high-pile foundations, and its seismic response will take an important responsibility to affect the...


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