Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Gang Lv, Jian Ren Zhang, Kang Xu

Abstract: In constant temperature and humidity environment, the properties of shrinkage and creep for a group of plain concrete and reinforced...

Authors: Xu Hui He, Hao Cheng, Hong Xi Qin

Abstract: The temperature control of mass concrete is regarded to be a universal problem. Because of the heavy load of railway cable-stayed bridges,...

Authors: Shu Hong Sun, Xue Song Zhang, An Bang Gu

Abstract: The research work is described about the numerical analysis and reduced scale prototype model test of Chongqing Jiayue Bridge’s PC beam,...

Authors: Jian Zhou Wang, Guo Qing Zhou, Xin Ran Yu

Abstract: For the bridge abutment bump of express way in operation, through physical simulation experiment on the bridge-head settlement were studied...

Authors: Xin Feng Yin, C.S. Cai, Yang Liu

Abstract: The non-stationary random responses of the moving tires induced by the road roughness in time domain were obtained, and then those...

Authors: Xin Li, Li Liang, Fu Chun Wang

Abstract: Recently, with the development of highway traffic cause and long-span bridges, the vibration performances of highway bridges due to moving...

Authors: Wen Xing Wang, Qi Ming Guo

Abstract: This paper explains the static load test of a simple-support prestressed bridge. Deflection and stress are measured by the static load test...

Authors: Wa Li Song, Bo Liu, Hong Kui Yue

Abstract: The test beams were overloaded 20 times repeatedly with different amplitude, and they damaged to different extent to simulate actual...

Authors: Mei Yu, Hai Li Liao, Ming Shui Li, Cun Ming Ma, Ming Liu

Abstract: Aerodynamic stability is an issue in the wind-resistant design of long-span bridges, flutter is an aerodynamic instability phenomenon that...

Authors: Zhi Gang Chen, Zi Lin Peng

Abstract: For non-uniform continuous bridge in actual projects, the theoretical analysis and field testing of the dynamic response under moving...


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