Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Yan, Ying Zhao Lü

Abstract: The capacity of existing RC bridge could decay slowly when exposed to the aggressive environments. In this paper, the probability assessment...

Authors: Lan Lin Zou, Xing Lin Zhou

Abstract: The concept of frequency coefficient is built up based on theory,the formula between frequency coefficient and strain coefficient is...

Authors: Shu Hui Xu, Hai Guang Dong

Abstract: In order to improve effect of hybrid ventilation, the paper discussed a solar chimney to enhance natural ventilation. Some factors...

Authors: Xing Guo Wang, Jun Hui Yue, Li Li, Yu Zhou Zheng

Abstract: Several parameters, including typical loads, deflection, strains of steel bar and fiber- reinforced-polymer(FRP) bar under different...

Authors: Jin Quan Zhang, Hong Wei Ren, Bo Yu

Abstract: As a common type of bridge, the reinforced concrete simply supported T-girder bridges have some usual disease problems such as web vertical...

Authors: Quan Sheng Sun, Ji Feng Chang

Abstract: This paper to bridge safety evaluation as the starting point, the current evaluation method is based on the collection of the Delphi method,...

Authors: Zhi Wei Huang, Qiao Huang, Yuan Ren

Abstract: Aiming at state assessment on substructure of the existing bridge with mid-small span, existing main assessing methods are outlined and...

Authors: Hai Jun Yin, Guang Yao Yuan, Rui Jie Zhang

Abstract: The paper suggests a space rigid frame model which is equivalent to the space flexibility of pile-group foundation. Firstly, calculating the...

Authors: Yue Wang, Wen Tao Shang

Abstract: Deformation occurred in the bridge usage process due to the effort of self and external load. These deformations generally occurred in the...

Authors: Feng Miao, Guan Ping, Wang Bo

Abstract: Based on scheme of Dalian gulf cross-sea bridge, in this paper, a 3-dimensional FE model for Self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge is...


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