Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Yin, Bo Chen, Feng Tao Bai, Bing Zhu

Abstract: Due to computer performance, nowadays only parts of the structure can be executed the simulation analysis of 3D. For the prestressed...

Authors: Tian Bo Peng, Zhen Nan Wang, Xun Tao Yu, Cheng Yu Yang

Abstract: The double spherical seismic isolation (DSSI for short) bearing has been adopted in seismic design of several important engineering projects...

Authors: Shui Xing Zhou, Min Zhang, Bin Liu, Jun Xu

Abstract: It is a common construction method to pour arch concrete in arch centering. The deformation law of arch centering was analyzed in process of...

Authors: Mu Cao, Guo Fen Li, Hua Ping Zhu

Abstract: The geometric structure of steel deck plates is complex. So it is difficult to get precise results in the mechanics calculation of deck...

Authors: Chang Peng Liu, Xi Gang Zhang, Da Xing Zhou, Wei Ming Yan, Yan Jiang Chen

Abstract: For a super-long-span cable-stayed bridge, it is often required that the main tower be essentially elastic under a strong earthquake....

Authors: Long Fei Wang

Abstract: Taking a long-span composite girder cable-stayed bridge with three pylons under construction as the object of research, this paper...

Authors: Jun Tao Kang, Hui Hui Zhang

Abstract: When the transport vehicles of large equipment pass through bridges, the main check-calculation coefficients affecting the bridge bearing...

Authors: Qing Chen Zhang, Quan Sheng Sun

Abstract: According to the characteristics of self-anchored suspension bridge, a new method to detect damage is introduced in this paper.It works in...

Authors: Jian Ying Ren, Wen Ping Li, Mu Biao Su

Abstract: The railway double-track continuous bridge vertical load-carrying frequency is theoretical derived with the vehicle-bridge system mode1. The...

Authors: Jun Tao Kang, Nan Wang, Chao Zhi Liu, Chang Wu Chen, Ling Li

Abstract: Based on investigation and analysis of the diseases of Sujia river truss arch bridge, putting forward corresponding the reinforcing measures...


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