Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Yu Wang, Guo Xiong Mei, Xin Bao Yu

Abstract: In this study a resonant column apparatus was used to obtain the shear modulus and damping ratio of the waste granular rubber and cement...

Authors: Wei Guo Qiao, Yan Xin Lv, Lie Chang Wei

Abstract: The auxiliary shaft ingate of Pengzhuang Coal Mine deformed greatly with large roof fallings. Through the analysis of destruction, the...

Authors: Bing Lei Li, Yong Tao Gao, Shun Chuan Wu

Abstract: The traditional method of calculating soil arch effect was described Firstly, and the inadequacy of traditional methods was analyzed. On the...

Authors: Zhi Bin Wang, Zi Zhi Cui, Shao Xiang Zao

Abstract: There are many soft-clay sediment foundations in Yinchuan area, most of which are made of soft-clay silt from lakes. Its secondary...

Authors: Zhi Yun Wang, Mao Tian Luan, Lu Shen

Abstract: To understand features of bearing capacity of suction caisson foundation is one of the key issues in design and construction of deep-water...

Authors: Xin Ping Li, Bin Wang

Abstract: Based on the research of the conception of “deep stratum” and “deep engineering”, through collecting about 600 groups of the measured...

Authors: Hui Biao Ma

Abstract: With Monte-Carlo theorem, inclusive of the uncertainty of double phase geo-material parameters as well as math model boundary condition,...

Authors: Zhao Long Ge, Yi Yu Lu, Ji Ren Tang, Ke Hu, Wen Feng Zhang

Abstract: To explore the relationship among the erosion ability of high-pressure cavitating water jets, hydraulic parameters and rock nature with a...

Authors: Li Nong Xia, Yun Dong Miao, Shun Li, Xin Tong

Abstract: In order to study influences of applied load on pile top on the negative skin friction behaviors of piles, field investigations of negative...

Authors: Zen Zheng Qian, Xian Long Lu

Abstract: The behavior of micropiles in soft clay, under vertical compression and tension loading, was examined by field tests at a site in Shanghai....


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