Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Long Lu, Qiang Cui

Abstract: By theory analysis and field tests, failure model of soil around foundation and ultimate uplift resistance of enlarged bass shallow...

Authors: Huai Wen Zhang, Jun Liu, Nan Nan Zhang, Quan Chen Gao

Abstract: Considering the various loads combination and durability,pile’s diameter,embedded depth,anchor’s rod, anchorage length need to be...

Authors: Heng Chang Liang, Guo Qing Zhou, Xiang Yu Shang

Abstract: Analysis of the expansion of cylindrical and spherical cavities in soil and rock provides a versatile and accurate geomechanics approach for...

Authors: Fei Wang, Xu Li Liang, Jian Po Du, Jian Feng Qi

Abstract: The rock mass deformation properties of unloading is very different from loading.The physical and mechanical properties of structural plane...

Authors: Wen Bai Liu, Long Zhao, Ning Jia

Abstract: By using ABAQUS software to conduct numerical simulation and model test of pile-bucket under mono-loading of up-pulling force and horizontal...

Authors: Bin Xu, De Gao Zou, Tao Gong, Xian Jing Kong, Jing Bi

Abstract: A series of large scale consolidated drained shear triaxial tests were performed on geotechnical grille reinforced sand-gravel specimens,...

Authors: Jun Xin Liu, Zhong Fu Chen, Wei Fang Xu

Abstract: For soils, failure occurs with lower deviatoric stress under the same pressure (the first invariant of stress tensor) in TXE compared with...

Authors: Jian Xi Ren, Yin He Zhang, Qing Yuan Li, Kun Zhang

Abstract: Using the rock mechanics multi-function testing machine named RMT150B, the testing study on rock fatigue life due to different affecting...

Authors: Xiao Xuan Deng, Lei Dai, Zhan Guo Li, Xin Huang

Abstract: The feasibility of utilizing industrial waste to produce soil stabilizer with high added value is discussed from technical effect, economic...

Authors: Jun Zhi Lin, Ming Jie Zhao, De Lun Wu, Hong Wu Yang, Xin Jian Liu

Abstract: A tentative experiment has been conducted on polymer modified cement concrete now widely used. By filtering through 297 kinds of traces of...


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