Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Liu, Guang Hua Yang, Yu Cheng Zhang

Abstract: The settlement of each part of the composite foundation, such as the foundation mat, cushion, soils and pile head, is recognized as...

Authors: Hong Wei Ying, Yong Wen Yang, Xin Yu Xie

Abstract: A case history of a deep multi-strutted soft clay excavation in Hangzhou is presented in this paper. What makes it particular interest is...

Authors: Sho Hong Li, Xi Gui Tao, Yue Guo Shen, Yao Zhang

Abstract: In order to get anti-dynamic load capabilities of solidified bodies with soil stabilizer which is a kind of hydraulic cementing material,...

Authors: Hong Chun Xia, Guo Qing Zhou, Ze Chao Du

Abstract: The direct shear mechanical characteristics of soil-structure interface under different experimental condition were studied systematically...

Authors: Qing Yuan Li, Yang Wang

Abstract: Taking deep excavation engineering in North Region of Senlin Park Station of Beijing Olympic Subway branch as engineering background,...

Authors: Hua Wei Tong, Hai Ying Chen

Abstract: This paper obtains function index system of excavation by FAST method and introduces two-class fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to estimate...

Authors: Rui Hong Wang, Yu Zhou Jiang, Jing Guo, Ji Fang Zhou

Abstract: During the hydraulic structure design, the stability of abutment slope is critical to the normal operation of hydraulic structure. Through...

Authors: Jun Yan Liu, Yan Liu, Yue Zhen Hou, Bai Xi Jin

Abstract: Compare with horizontal support, the bracing systems of pile and oblique brace have obvious advantages in deep excavation. However, because...

Authors: Yan Liu, Jun Yan Liu, Yue Zhen Hou, Bai Xi Jin

Abstract: The bracing systems of pile and oblique bracing have obvious advantages in big and deep excavation. Because the study about the removal of...

Authors: Wei Ming Wang, Lei Wang, Hai Bin Jia

Abstract: This paper mainly introduced the monitoring scheme of one mine’s wind well in Inner Mongolia. By analyzing the monitoring data at different...


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