Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Hui Lv, Xia Ting Feng, Jun Yan Liu

Abstract: DaGangShan power station in China is being excavation at 1500 meters deep below earth surface, where the surrounding rock is affected by...

Authors: Dong Mei Yang, Xiang Bo Qiu

Abstract: Cyclic loads are commonly encountered in geotechnical engineering; however most constitutive models do not account for the effect that such...

Authors: Xiao Li Liu, Wen Jing Si, Chun Ying Zhu

Abstract: With the establishment of large municipal solid waste landfills, the interaction of geological environment in landfill (seepage field,...

Authors: Bin Wei Xia, Jie Wang, Yi Yu Lu, Yong Kang, Dong Li

Abstract: The layered rock mass consists of kinds of stratifications whose mechanical properties are not wholly identical with each other. In order to...

Authors: Xu Li Liang, Fei Wang, Hua Ming Wang

Abstract: Reinforced concrete shaft lining were prefabricated on the ground at one vertical shaft engineering in Tangshan city,and the strength grade...

Authors: Jia Xu Jin, Li Liang, Bing Liang, Ming Li, Kai Zhang

Abstract: The porosity of solid skeleton is changed under muddy water infiltration, and thus the permeability is also changed. A concentration of 30%...

Authors: Yong Jie Yang, De Chao Wang, Kai Wang, Nan Nan Zhao

Abstract: Analysis of rock acoustic emission characteristics in complete stress-strain process under uniaxial compression shows that the evolution...

Authors: Qing Ren, Xue Liu

Abstract: The finite element model with artificial boundary was used to simulate dynamic response of an underground circular structure (tunnel,...

Authors: Jing Sun, Xiao Ming Yuan, Mao Sheng Gong

Abstract: The dynamic shear modulus (DSM) is the most basic soil parameter in earthquake or other dynamic loading conditions and can be obtained...

Authors: Wen Zhong, Zhuo Ying Tan, Lan Qiao

Abstract: Aimed at stability of rock slope, the attitude of structural plane is statistically analyzed with a combined method of rose diagram and pole...


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