Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yang, Guo Lin Yang, Wei Fang

Abstract: Prediction on red clay foundation settlement was put forward, using hyperbola method, exponential curve method and Hushino method, based on...

Authors: Ying Lu Diao, Guo Liang Dai, Wei Ming Gong

Abstract: Static load tests were carried out with Osterberg method on 3 bored piles formed in Liao River Bridge. Bearing capacity, base resistance and...

Authors: Zi Ran Dai, Zhi Hong Huang, Hui Li, Xi Da Yin

Abstract: This paper introduced the application of Self-balanced Test Method for Bearing Capacity of Foundation Piles on a construction project of Gui...

Authors: Chi Li, Yu Gao

Abstract: Wind erosion mechanism is studied through interior wind erosion wind tunnel experiment for desert highway. The anti-wind erosion ability of...

Authors: Min Zhou, Zhong Fu Wang, Si Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, in order to analyze the capability of squeezed branch pile under different work condition and the cooperation mechanism...

Authors: Ding Bang Zhang

Abstract: The new CFG pile-board structure composite foundation is a ground treatment technique based on CFG pile foundation and pile-board structure...

Authors: Feng Qiang Gong, Xi Ling Liu, Ke Gao

Abstract: For rock-like materials, large diameter SHPB (Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar,SHPB) is necessary and essential in dynamic test. Based on the...

Authors: Zhan Yuan Zhu, Feng Zhang, Xian Zhang Ling, Man Qiang Huang, Qiong Lin Li

Abstract: To investigate the rainfall-induce the seepage field of a high slope and effect factors, the theory of saturated-unsaturated infiltration...

Authors: Yuan Cheng Guo, Si Hua Zhang, Gang Shi, Ning Liu

Abstract: By using finite difference software FLAC3D, the displacement field and stress field of the long-short-pile composite foundation were...

Authors: Dong Hai Jiang, Zhang Li, Nai Jian Ji, Yuan Yuan Hu

Abstract: Based on the end bearing capacity and friction capacity obtained from high strain dynamic test, an adjusted equation was provided to...


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