Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Po Jia, Wei Zhong Chen

Abstract: The mechanical and hydraulic behavior of clay in the excavation damaged zone (EDZ) around underground repository is relevant for the...

Authors: Hua Feng Deng, Jing Guo, Min Zhu, Tao Lu

Abstract: According to the survey and study on geological condition, the genetic mechanism and evolving process of the reservoir landslide were...

Authors: Da Xi Ma, Zi Chen

Abstract: As the development of social economy, China's urbanization, industrialization has developed rapidly. However the development of...

Authors: Bin Tang, Ren Wang, Jun Lei

Abstract: The resilience deformation rules laboratory test research of the soft soil in the Wuhan region in the unloading condition is done through...

Authors: Zhen Hao Xu, Shu Cai Li, Li Ping Li, Shao Shuai Shi

Abstract: Hydrologic and engineering geological conditions of underground engineering and mining are highly complex. Geological hazards, especially...

Authors: Ming Huang, Xin Rong Liu

Abstract: Based on the analysis to the characteristics of two kinds of rock steady creep curves, the nBurgers model that can describe the uniaxial...

Authors: Yan Hua She, Hua You Su, Zheng Xue Xiao

Abstract: By use of the microseismic monitoring system, the dynamic response of punched pile construction of bridge pile foundation is studied and...

Authors: Xin Ping Li, Ya Ni Lu, Xing Hong Wu

Abstract: In view of the fact that large amounts of tonhaltig phyllite were found along the Shi-Tian expressway line, these soft rocks could not meet...

Authors: Ping Lu Huang, Cong Xin Chen

Abstract: Based on similarity theory, the two geologic mechanics models with different intensity of rock layer is established. The paper introduces...

Authors: Xiao Li Du, Hong Wei Song, Jie Chen

Abstract: Based on numerical simulation of computing Software ANSYS, the curve of arching coefficient variation of pressure arch due to actual mining...


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